Realtime audio and realistic sound spaces solutions

Aspic Technologies provides realtime audio solutions for virtual reality, 360 videos and video games.

We help our customers to create outstanding audio immersion with innovative audio middleware products and professional services.

Realistic Sound

Aspic Engine is our key technology to obtain immersive experience.

Sound propagation is simulated thanks to the geometry and the materials of the environment.
Sound is then processed with proper reverberation, echo and occlusion.

360 Audio workflow

Aspic Cinematic VR is a comprehensive software suite aiming at best spatialized audio in 360 videos.

Discover how it helps you create a spatialized mix, encode 3D audio to many formats and provides realtime 3D audio playback on any device.

Advanced VR audio

Aspic Audiostack is a toolbox for VR audio, easing access to advanced audio technologies.

This middleware lets you create complex audio applications with multi-listener rendering, 3D audio, voice streaming, professional hardware support, …

Our middleware products are provided as SDK with native APIs and plugins for tools such as Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

Dedicated solutions

Our expertise covers a wide range of software and hardware audio challenges. We are able to handle specific needs and to provide custom solutions.

For immersive VR systems, game engine integration or custom features, feel free to contact us !

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