Job offer: C++ developer & VR Audio

Lille, Northern France
Permanent contract


Aspic Technologies is a startup that creates sound processing software solutions for virtual reality and 360 cinema professionals.

Our latest tool, Aspic Cinematic VR, is a software suite that enables 360° content creators to get high quality 3D sound. These tools are used in studio by mixers and by third party developers who integrate our plugins and libraries in their applications.

We are looking for a C ++ developer to be in charge of the development of this software suite.

Aspic Cinematic VR is used in world-class 360 productions, such as Alteration, awarded at Tribeca, the New York International Film Festival. Its application embedding our 360-audio player has been installed on 40 000 devices.

Alteration mixing in progress

Job description

Main developer of Aspic Cinematic VR software suite, you will oversee this product improvements and new features integration.

You will mainly develop using C ++ and graphic frameworks such as Qt. You will ensure the best possible software UX, whether users are sound engineers using our 360 panner or developers integrating our plugins.

All our products are based on a real-time audio processing framework called Aspic Audiostack that you will use daily.

Aspic Cinematic VR Suite is composed of:

  • A 360 panner (standalone C ++, Qt),
  • A VR audio monitor (Standalone Unity, Aspic Audiostack, VR, C #),
  • Encoders (C ++, Aspic Audiostack),
  • A cross-platform VR audio player (Unity plugin, Aspic Audiostack, C #, Windows, Android).

The main assignments for this job are:

  • Software development and architecture,
  • Integration of new features,
  • User experience enhancement,
  • Version/release management.

Aspic Cinematic VR 360 Panner

Secondary assignments involve:

  • VST plugin development,
  • User documentation (target: third party developer and sound designer),
  • User support.

You will have to use multiple language (C ++, C, Java, C #, Javascript, Python, …) although the code base of the company is mainly written in C++. Since our software is designed and developed to be cross-platform, you will ensure your developments are running smoothly on several operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android).


By integrating the initial team, you will be a key player of our future products’ quality and company’s success.

The software you will be working on will brought you to converse with sound engineers. Therefore, a passion for music and sound is a plus.

Aspic Technologies is based at La Plaine Images, a 100+ companies cluster devoted to creative industries and located in Northern France.

La Plaine Images


Training and experience

  • Degree in Computer Science,


  • Professional experience in object-oriented programming,
  • Professional experience in C++ (including recent developments of the standard, metaprogramming, …),
  • Good level and strong interest in UI and UX (ex: Qt framework),
  • Interest in audio & signal processing,
  • Interest in VR & 3D engines like Unity,
  • Good knowledge of VCS (git, gitflow),
  • Technical writing ability in English,
  • Python knowledge is a plus,
  • Audio plugin development knowledge (VST, AudioUnit, Juce framework) is a plus,


  • You are passionate about 3D environments, audio and technical challenges,
  • You want to join a small and dynamic team,
  • You easily work in a group; which is essential because of your future collaboration with the R&D team
  • You easily communicate in English (at least written), allowing you to reply to users and understand their problems.


Please use this link to apply!
If you do not speak french, or if you don’t want to fill job-board tests in, you can contact us by email.

Key words

C++, UI/UX, audio