Sphere by Aspic Technologies is a geometry based audio plugin for 3D game engines aimed to provide realistic spatialized sound effects.


Most current tools used in game sound design require from the developper to manually define reverb zones and triggers, this approach require high level of sound expertise and a lot of tweeking to obtain a realistic result. Sphere use a Geometrical approach with 3D audio materials to dynamically generate the most appropriates sound effects for each point of your scene, reaching a level of precision unnatainable otherwise.

Main features

  • Pre-processing
    A mix of pre-processed and real-time algorithms allow Sphere to reduce CPU charge and ensure the best possible latency at all time.
  • User Interface
    An intuitive User Interface named Meshforge allow you to easily describe your environement audio characteristics.
  • Effects
    Binaural spatialization, attenuation, occlusion, echo, dynamic reverberation, doppler, atmospheric effects and more.
  • Compatibility
    Sphere is available for two of the most popular 3D game engines, Unity and Unreal.


Sphere is currently available for Unity and Wwise and can be used in Unreal(or Unity) through Wwise. Please check the relative documentation for more details.

Depending on your project you will require at least one of the following combination of softwares (64 bits version),