VR Ready 360 audio workflow

Aspic Cinematic VR is a comprehensive software suite aiming at best spatialized 360 audio.

This set of tools helps you create a spatialized mix, encode 3D audio to many formats and provides realtime 360 audio playback on any device.



Spatialize audio tracks from your DAW over your video or directly in VR.

Encode 360 audio


Export spatialized audio to multiple formats. Address both online platforms and custom players.

Render 360 audio


Live 3D audio experience thanks to realtime binaural rendering.

360 mixing

Aspic Cinematic VR Editor lets you position audio tracks on a video. Connect projects with your DAW, then use automation to drive parameters such as the motions of the audio sources, mix focus, volume.

Aspic Cinematic VR Editor


Aspic Cinematic VR Monitoring

Aspic Cinematic VR Editor provides monitoring of both your object and ambisonics tracks. Live listening experience that matches audience experience thanks to binaural rendering.

Go even further by monitoring in VR using a HMD.

Seamless studio integration

Aspic Cinematic VR is studio ready! It synchronizes with your DAW thanks to MTC and OSC. It allows you to get the best of both software simultaneously: adjust audio effects on your DAW and tune spatialization on the editor.

360 audio station connection


Aspic Cinematic VR embeds an encoder based on Aspic Audiostack. Your 3D audio mix can be released to any video provider such as Youtube 360 or Facebook 360.

To achieve the best audio immersion, we advise exporting to our own format. It combines mono objects, ambisonics tracks and head-locked stereo, in order to feed our cross platform audio renderer.

3D audio encoder

Live the 3D experience

SDK Unity plugin

Aspic Cinematic VR Renderer is a cross platform audio rendering SDK.

It gives you a full 3D experience thanks to binaural audio.

The SDK embeds a cross platform library and a Unity plugin to ease the integration into custom players. It decodes audio formats such as standard ambisonics and uses native audio APIs to ensure low-latencies.

I’m a mixer

Why do I need Aspic cinematic VR suite?

Mix in VR

Mix audio for 360 video with realtime VR monitoring.


Integrate seamlessly with DAW and professional setups.


Export to any 360 audio format in one click.

Discover the interview of Thomas Rouvillain, the audio mixer for “Altération”, by Jerome Blanquet.

I’m a developer

Why do I need Aspic cinematic VR suite?


Intuitive SDK makes binaural and ambisonics integration seamless.


Native audio backend provides the lowest latencies.

Object based audio

Object based audio enables realtime interactions.

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